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OKWS: The OK Web Server

What the?

OKWS is the Web server that powers, specialized for building fast and secure Web services. It provides Web developers with a small set of tools that has proved powerful enough to build complex systems with limited effort. Despite its emphasis on security, OKWS shows performance advantages relative to popular competitors. Commercial experience with OKWS suggests that the system can reduce hardware and system management costs, while providing security guarantees absent in current systems.

As of Dec 2011, OKWS is still being maintained and worked on, with 3.1 being the active development version. There are no big feature-development plans on the horizon, but we're regularly committing bugfixes and extensions.

Software Packages

The main OKWS software package also depends upon the sfslite programming libraries for C++. They are currently released separately, though in the future might be bundled together for ease of installation.


12 Dec 2011

We are back up!

We've moved off of our old dokuwiki, self-hosted machine, and onto a fully github-based hosting system. We're slowing porting wiki entries over. Most of the OKWS wiki entries should be ported, but there's work left to be done on sfslite and tame documentation.